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When our ambitions for mobility mean redefining limits

We are experts in the development of vehicles, production plants and the optimisation of your processes. When it comes to automobile development, you need someone with a fully integrated approach to the question of mobility. With a passion for development. That's us.

Our expertise includes the integrated development and optimisation of vehicles, production facilities, derivatives and modules. This has made us what we are today: the acknowledged, independent engineering experts for the automotive industry. And your business contact for the mobility of the future.


In its 50th anniversary year EDAG is partnering with Magment to develop state-of-the-art future mobility wireless charging solutions for Cooperative…

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In its 50th anniversary year EDAG is partnering with Crypta Labs to develop Automotive Cyber Security (ACS) solutions with unbreakable quantum…

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We are always looking ahead. What motivates us is the future of mobility coupled with the fascination of technology.

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"Allow me, may I introduce myself? I am the future of mobility and working in the Smart City." The EDAG CityBot is a swarm intelligent, modular robot vehicle that can cover any mobility application in urban areas - from passenger transport to delivery journeys to services such as street cleaning.

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EDAG Digital Service - Face Tracking Case

Vehicles collect data about their installed sensors at any time worldwide. EDAG shows how we can use this gigantic armada of data collectors when the sensor data on the EDAG servers is collected, analyzed, interpreted and processed into specific data packages.

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Collaborative work in engineering projects: Efficient. Sustainable. Couch-affin.

Saves time and expensive travel costs: The innovative "Couch Collaboration" concept demonstrates the smart implementation of VR/AR technologies for time and resource-saving engineering projects. Engineers can virtually participate in production engineering from the couch - from planning to maintenance.

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Our vast knowledge and experience in Vehicle Engineering, Electrics and Electronics have kept us ahead of the technological curve, thus surpassing customer expectations.

30 Engineers

5 Core Competence Areas

15 Clients

Pedestrian protection, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, predictive maintenance, human-robot collaboration and much more to discover!

Our EDAG Group Blog offers anyone interested in technology exciting insights from the fields of vehicle engineering, electrics/electronics, production solutions and software & digitalisation. Have a look at our latest articles.

Process reliability and risk mitigation from joining technology to robot application? Can't be done? Yes it can. At the EDAG Technical Centre.

18.11.2020 |

Digitalisation is making production technologies and products increasingly complex. At the same time, the production processes necessary need to become faster, more flexible and above all more cost-effective, in order for resources to be used as efficiently as possible. At a very early stage, therefore, i.e. during its development or concept phase, it is important to find out whether your future plant will function according to plan, and whether when produced, your product will be defect-free. This is exactly what we do at the EDAG Technical Centre: carry out practical tests on all aspects of process validation, process engineering and robot technology, to provide the certainty that your processes are technically feasible and will really work.

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The automobile industry undergoing radical change. Many challenges are keeping suppliers busy and calling for quick solutions.

28.10.2020 |

The first automobile was invented in Germany by Carl Friedrich Benz in 1886. Even today, our national automotive corporations still play a major role on the world market. Vehicle manufacturers VW, Daimler and BMW are some of the leading players. What is often forgotten is the fact that our supplier industry is not just outstanding, but also largely responsible for our success!

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Coming to terms with the buzzword jungle of the smart factory

08.10.2020 |

Industry 4.0 networks people, machines, products, buildings and processes to make them more intelligent, innovative and efficient. Digital transformation has made all of that possible. The smart factory, which is based on cyber-physical systems that make communication possible between named actors in the Internet and things, came from this. Guess what? You're already in the thick of it – the buzzword jungle of Industry 4.0 and therefore in the smart factory too. Even branch insiders can sometimes only guess at the meaning behind these terms that mostly come from English, with seemingly new additions being made every day. We would like to throw light on the darkness of the buzzword jungle and make the most important concepts of the smart factory understandable for you.

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Working at EDAG


Together, we deal with tomorrow's questions and shape the mobility of the future! New technologies, mobility concepts and standards such as artificial intelligence (AI), car sharing and smart factory offer our industry so many opportunities - to use them for us and our customers, we need you! Each of us has talents and gifts. We help you to develop your full potential: with the necessary tools and agile working methods as well as future-oriented continuing training options plus career programs. But, above all, a culture of appreciation, respect and recognition in a safe and reliable work environment. Helping you to be the best and achieve your career goals gives us the opportunity to be and remain the leading engineering service provider in the global automotive industry.

This is how we reach our goals together. 


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