Cyber Security & Functional Safety Resilience

What EDAG offer

EDAG know the challenges of ensuring your systems are resilient to cyberattacks and safety relevant failure conditions. We will work with you utilising our knowledge of the automotive challenges and using our safety and security expertise to address your technical, regulative and operational lifecycle issues. Our services include:

Why is cyber and FUSA resilience critical?

Automotive is rapidly becoming a regulated industry for FUSA and Cyber security, meaning that there are increasing processes and significant documentary evidence needed to accompany the traditional technology and engineering. This can add a significant burden in an industry that demands reduced time to market and increasing levels of connected functionality. ​

Connectivity and automated driving functionality make safety and security ever more critical, defining solutions that manage these problem while dealing with ever increasing complexity of the connected vehicle and the increasing motivation of attackers is the challenge that must be addressed. 

How EDAG work with you?

Cyber Security and Functional Safety Resilience isn’t an add on and must be tightly integrated with your systems design and company process. This demands Automotive as well as specific security/safety knowledge and relies upon a collaborative team effort. ​

​You don’t just need cyber security and functionally safety experts to address these challenges but a well balanced and well trained team who also understand automotive technologies, risk management and the unique challenges of on time delivery in this complex environment. If you want to discuss how EDAG can help address these needs contact us here.

Standards Support

Automotive is rapidly becoming a regulated industry for FUSA and Cyber security – this can be a significant operational challenge in an industry with a complex supply chain. ​

EDAG has experts who have significant experience in the delivery of compliant processes and can pilot you through this landscape allowing you to make the right decisions at the right time based upon thorough understanding and analysis. 

Technical support for FUSA and Cyber

It is easy to become technically blinkered when faced with significant security and safety challenges and throw the latest and greatest technology at your system. The truth is that without a through understanding of the problem being addressed added technology increases complexity and can reduce the overall resilience of the system. ​

EDAG will work with you to understand the threats associated with your architecture leading to the right technical solutions not just applying technology for technologies sake.  ​

Cyber security functional testing

EDAG are a trusted partner to a number of OEMS for cyber security functional testing with centres addressing customer needs in both the UK and Germany. These centres are a key enabler in meeting UNECE compliance and provide a demonstrable degree of independence in the testing they undertake. 

Through life and delivery support for Cyber and FUSA

The real challenge of cyber security is that you will only really find out what the attacker will do once the car get into the market and the hackers can easily access it. Monitoring the car through life and implementing the means to review its ongoing safety and respond to issues will lead to some significant changes. ​

Work with EDAG to understand how this affects your business and how it interacts with you future mobility challenges​.


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