Functional Safety & Cyber security

Functional Safety & Cyber security

Focused on developing Safe, Secure, Connected Technology

With increasing networking and vehicle automation, challenges for ever more comprehensive safety and security management systems are growing. Our Functional Safety & Cyber Security team design and develop complex systems holistically with safety by design and security by design at the heart of everything we do.

Safety and security are the most important foundations for the technology we develop which is why such a special demand needs an experienced development partner, who tailors it’s services to meet the individual needs of each customer.

Our service portfolio ranges from supporting our customers’ individual work packages to fully integrated teams. Collaborations across our global EDAG network ensure we offer best quality and cost as well as incorporating the latest know-how from science and research.

Last but not least, EDAG ensures our customer products are designed and developed for compliance with global standards and regulations such as:

  • Safety - ISO 26262, IEC 61508, SOTIF 21448
  • Cyber Security – ISO 21434



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